Tuesday, April 26, 2011

50 Years Celebration [Indian High School, Dubai]


  1. wow wow--You are in Dubai?
    I am from Doha.Cool shots you have there.

  2. not a professional camera! not a professional photographer! n EVEN THEN if the photos r so good then i cant even begin to imagine what u'd do if u were given a professional cam. :)

    lovely shots. esp the views from burj. n the multiclored capsisums (Carrefour). u r an inspiration

    this gives me confidence that mayb i too can try n click some nice snaps coz i too dont have a pro cam nor m i a pro photographer :))

  3. @Sushma: I am not from Dubai! Was on a vacation there actually! Glad u like the pics! :)

  4. @Sujatha: Yeah, come join me! Let us kick the pros' arse!!! ;) Glad u like this!!! :)


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